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eXchange: why we use Slack

The 21st of February, Arboth will present Slack at the conference Top100 tools for learning by Stimulearning. First things first. We're not trying to convince you to drop all other chat tools for Slack. We know these things take time. If you've tried other chat tools that didn't work, there's no guarantee that Slack will succeed. We can only tell you in how we use Slack and what we really like in this tool.

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Arboth present at Learning Tech Day

The 21st of June, we will be attending Learning Tech Day, a conference organised by our good friends at Winston Wolfe, both as speakers and visitors. Flash Forward!

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Gamification: How to? Part 3: Autonomy

Most of the traditional e-learning modules are linear, not only in the progress from start to finish but also in problem solving. In this game, we really wanted to surpass this by handing players the possibility of solving various problems in different sequences and discover ‘locked’ problems in their quest for the perfect game.

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Gamification: How to? Part I: Relatedness

After writing three theoretical blogposts about Gamification I could not wait to have a go at designing a gamification learning solution myself. In prospect of the bi-annual VOV fair, the biggest L&D conference in Belgium, our team wanted to create a blended learning solution based on our very own aXles-model.

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Our Christmas present: Part 3 - Finding your way in GDPR lingo, a learning solution

In our first blog we introduced our challenge for 2017, the learning objectives and target audience. The second blog jumped in on the learning environment and the aXles methodology as a whole. In our final blog, let’s have a look two learning solutions that resulted.

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Our Christmas present: Part 2 - Creating a Learning Environment that drives GDPR content to the learner

We're not going to lie. Creating exciting learning environments? It's not easy! There is no sure fire way, no one size fits all. So how does a learning architect go about developing an environment that tailors the learner’s needs? Introducing: the aXles methodology! 

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Our Christmas present: Part 1 - Our 2017 challenge: Outstanding learning experiences for all! GDPR as a case

It’s that time of the year, where we want to look back on 2017, a year where we set a challenge upon ourselves: “What if we had a blank canvas to start building a learning solution on? No style guide or tone of voice as foundation? No templates, no previously existing learning culture to take into account?” We wanted to create an outstanding learning experience.

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Our Christmas present: How we created engaging GDPR awareness training in 3 steps

In three blogs we will discuss how we applied the aXles methodology to create an engaging GDPR awareness training. Tune in this Christmas season for our 3-step roadmap to develop eXciting learning environments.

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The More You Give

Last week VOV - the Flemish L&D network - had its bi-yearly trade fair annex conference in Leuven. One can of course attend such events in a consumer state of mind. But under the motto “Sharing is Caring” we actively participated by delivering a workshop about our learning model aXles.

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How Growth Mindset Impacts the Workplace

"I'm too dumb for this", she said. I was flabbergasted. How could a person be too dumb? Surely, she just didn't want to try, or never thought she would be lucky enough to guess it. We were fourteen at the time, practicing my Latin vocabulary though she wasn’t in my class. I had her guessing the meaning of words such as porta (door) or ego (me). When I began researching Growth Mindset for this blog, it dawned on me. She had a Fixed Mindset.

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The 8LEM: 8 Learning Events Model.

Our colleague Karen is currently on maternal leave, and yet she still finds the time to send her lonely co-workers in the office interesting reading materials. Today, she presents the 8LE model: the 8 events of learning. The 8LEM is a theoretical reference model by researchers of the Université de Liège. 

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About the Learning of Organisations

The concept of the Learning Organisation often seems lost on people. They see it merely as an organisation where the individual members are motivated to, can and will learn. As president of ECLO - a former pan-European think-tank about learning organisations - for several years, this confusion is one that I love to clarify.

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