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Our Christmas present: Part 1 - Our 2017 challenge: Outstanding learning experiences for all! GDPR as a case


Challenge yourself

It’s that time of the year, where we want to look back on 2017, a year where we set a challenge upon ourselves: “What if we had a blank canvas to start building a learning solution on? No style guide or tone of voice as foundation? No templates, no previously existing learning culture to take into account?” We wanted to create an outstanding learning experience.

An outstanding learning experience about… 

So we had our challenge cut out for us, but now we needed a topic. We outlined a few criteria:

  • Main objectives: to learn from each other and to build a solid case for aXles, the Arboth methodology.
  • The topic should be something everyone would come into contact with one way or another.
  • We wanted to break a topic, generally regarded as 'boring', in a fun way.
  • A topic that's not yet completely saturated with learning materials online.

That's how we got at GDPR. The European Global Data Protection Regulation demands compliance from all organizations doing business in Europe. From May 25th, 2018, you might be eligible for warnings, or worse: heavy fines. Needless to say, many organizations are in a frenzy, preparing. Procedures need to be reviewed, clients notified and employees trained.

So with aXles in our back pocket, we jumped on that train.

Getting started: Defining the Learning Objectives & Scope

With a topic such as GDPR, it's easy to get lost in legal and judicial limbo. We did not want to overload people with information. Information should be relevant, everything else cut. We hung our main objective on the wall, as to always keep our focus: "Increase awareness of the impact of GDPR on the organisation and all its procedures".
We defined the target audience as: "White-collar workers, most likely to be faced with changing procedures."

To be continued…

The aXles methodology led us to the development of several learning solutions. Read more about our challenge tomorrow.
What do you think about this learning experience?
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