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Spaced learning: not just a sci-fi term for learning in space

Not that I am interested in Science Fiction, but something that sounds like "Brain based learning" could make you think otherwise. At least, "Neuroscience for Learning & Development" makes me think of something very futuristic. And that was exactly the subject of a conference I attended this summer: "Summerclass - How to Apply Neuroscience and Psychology for Improved Learning and Training, with Stella Collins"

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Our Christmas present: Part 3 - Finding your way in GDPR lingo, a learning solution

In our first blog we introduced our challenge for 2017, the learning objectives and target audience. The second blog jumped in on the learning environment and the aXles methodology as a whole. In our final blog, let’s have a look two learning solutions that resulted.

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Our Christmas present: Part 1 - Our 2017 challenge: Outstanding learning experiences for all! GDPR as a case

It’s that time of the year, where we want to look back on 2017, a year where we set a challenge upon ourselves: “What if we had a blank canvas to start building a learning solution on? No style guide or tone of voice as foundation? No templates, no previously existing learning culture to take into account?” We wanted to create an outstanding learning experience.

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Our Christmas present: How we created engaging GDPR awareness training in 3 steps

In three blogs we will discuss how we applied the aXles methodology to create an engaging GDPR awareness training. Tune in this Christmas season for our 3-step roadmap to develop eXciting learning environments.

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Monthly Reads: November

Our highlights of the month November include: tools for digital learning experiences, infographics, GDPR and the learning experience canvas. 

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The 8LEM: 8 Learning Events Model.

Our colleague Karen is currently on maternal leave, and yet she still finds the time to send her lonely co-workers in the office interesting reading materials. Today, she presents the 8LE model: the 8 events of learning. The 8LEM is a theoretical reference model by researchers of the Université de Liège. 

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Our Monthly Reads: June

Our highlights of the month June include articles on the Google Effect, the future of our education, how Artificial Intelligence will *not* steal jobs and truely creative collaboration.

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What is Gamification?

Gamification is HOT. Even though the numbers date from 2015 they clearly show that both organisations and its learners as well as Learning Professionals are very interested in Gamification for different reasons. The optimistic projections in terms of market growth and expected revenue however warn me that this might be a trend that overdraws day to day reality of organisations. Being a Gamer and Learning Professional myself, Gamification therefore immediately triggered my interest but at the same time the caution to approach this trend critically.

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The Three Things You Can Learn from Comic Conventions

Last weekend, I visited FACTS, Belgium's largest comic convention and one of the only places where geeks can truly be themselves.

One of the things I like most about FACTS is that it's basically one giant learning fair with smiles and funny costumes and people continuously praising each other. There is very little fear, and a lot of personal growth.

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Why Typography Should Always Be One of Your Concerns

"I don't really care about fonts. Just pick one." He said. So naturally, the urge to use Comic Sans or Windings came creeping up.

We were working on a new style guide and my colleague wanted to use the default MS Office font, to which, of course, I disagreed. Arial and Verdana are legible types, but they are also average. Did we want to be average?

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