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Gamification: How to? Part 3: Autonomy

Most of the traditional e-learning modules are linear, not only in the progress from start to finish but also in problem solving. In this game, we really wanted to surpass this by handing players the possibility of solving various problems in different sequences and discover ‘locked’ problems in their quest for the perfect game.

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The Social Dimension of Learning: #WOL

This month I was asked to read the book “Social technologies in Business”. In the days to come, I will write a review about, but in the meantime, I would like to introduce a concept I have read there: “Working out Loud”, or #WOL for all you tweeps out there.

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Why Do We Keep Creating Horrible Experiences?

Last week, I went to a workshop on User Experience. It was a success, since I learned a thing or two about UX, what it is and how it should feel like. But to me, it was more a success because of what it taught me on procedures. Let’s take a look.

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#DTC17: digital transformation for large & small companies

The 10th of May, Mechelen welcomed about a hundred techies & digital lovers for Digital Transformation Conference. The day was filled with 30 minute presentations, demos & workshops. Here's what I see relevant to you, multinationals & SME's.

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NLE2017 learnings - AI & VR: here to stay

WITH FREE DOWNLOAD - Artificial Intelligence is here to stay. At least, that's what Donald Clark tried to convince us of last Tuesday in Den Bosch. Even though I agree that all these new technologies will have a large impact on various aspects of life including learning, I'm sure certain people will deem them as fads. So without trying to convince everyone of using technology, and more specifically artificial intelligence and virtual reality in learning; what elements should we definitely take into account?

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