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Top tools for learning 2018

When we say "what's your favourite tool for learning?", you might think of a manual, a webinar, or even Wikipedia.

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But the truth is: all tools are GREAT for learning. And the yearly initiative of Jane Hart to list them all up, is a fantastic example of that.

Every year, she distributes a survey asking everyone in HR, L&D and basically everyone who learns in the workplaces, to rate their top tools for learning.

And every year, the list grows. Because even though you might think "I use Slack to keep in touch with colleagues", isn't that a great way to learn from them as well?

What about Dropbox, where you can store all the free e-books you ever downloaded and can work together with colleagues on projects?

Or even Canva, because looking at nice pictures is even better when they contain a message.

That's what I appreciate in this list. It lets you look at things that you use everyday with a different perspective. And it shows how much learning actually takes place, every day.

We voted for Slack, OneNote and Articulate as our top tools. Which tools do you prefer?