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reflections of the team

My first week at Arboth.

Who am I?

I am Jana, a new face at Arboth. But who am I and how did I get here? Four years ago I finished university, where I was trained to be an Industrial Psychologist. This is where I met Tiffany, because we were in the same year of graduation. Amazing how a network can help you with your career even after several years, right?

Right after university, I started working as a job coach. I helped people with disabilities and diseases to find and keep a job. But as time went by, I found myself more and more in the position of creating trainings and workshops for other professionals in the field. I loved it so much to create interesting ways to get people to learn and become better coaches. Every time a project came along that included developing workshops and provide training, I found myself in the middle of it.

Although my company gave me a lot of opportunities to reinvent myself and become better as a trainer, I started to feel like I wanted more.

And POP, there was Arboth.


How does it go so far?

First of all, I sure am going to lose weight. Healthy mind in a healthy body really applies here. Although I am a very sportive girl and finished my studies as a sport psychologist, I always ate my everyday sandwich with al sorts of crap. At Arboth, this rather unhealthy lunch is now replaced with a much healthier one like omelettes with spinach or wraps with salmon.

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Secondly, I could’ve not felt more welcome. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. I felt like I could have asked them anything. And those answers to my questions will be very welcome in the weeks to come. Because as a learning consultant at Arboth, I have lots to learn.

Regarding my first impressions of Arboth, I am very positive. The way it promotes learning is totally new to me and yet it feels like it perfectly fits the way I think about evolving companies and learning environments.

To conclude, Merksem, the place where I went to primary school, the place where my own educational journey began, will be the place where I get the chance to keep on learning and where I can promote learning to other people to.