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Gamification: How to? Part 3: Autonomy

Most of the traditional e-learning modules are linear, not only in the progress from start to finish but also in problem solving. In this game, we really wanted to surpass this by handing players the possibility of solving various problems in different sequences and discover ‘locked’ problems in their quest for the perfect game.

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Our Christmas present: Part 2 - Creating a Learning Environment that drives GDPR content to the learner

We're not going to lie. Creating exciting learning environments? It's not easy! There is no sure fire way, no one size fits all. So how does a learning architect go about developing an environment that tailors the learner’s needs? Introducing: the aXles methodology! 

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Why start with Gamification?

The answer to “why Gamify?” is easy: to motivate and engage your employees. Following that train of thought: why do we need to motivate learners? How can we motivate learners? Though reflecting on motivation is important, it tends to distract me from the core objective as learning professional: ensuring a learning transfer. As more traditional learning solutions are being criticised for not ensuring desired learning outcomes, professionals are looking for solutions that can. Could gamification be that solution? Can Gamification increase motivation? Why could Gamification ensure a better learning transfer?

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Tips & Tricks on Scenario Based Learning

We have already discussed 'how' to implement storytelling and 'how' adaptive e-Learning could work by using branched scenario's. But let's take a few steps back here and go to the core of Scenario-Based Learning (SBL): 

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5 Myths Surrounding Gamification

Earlier this year I wrote a blog post in which I tried to define Gamification by comparing two renowned authors: Karl Kapp & Yu Kai Chou. Even though there were differences the bottom line of Gamification is clear:

motivating and engaging people by applying game mechanics or concepts into a non-game context.

In a following blog post I would like to discuss the pros and cons of Gamification with regard to ensuring a learning transfer as well as in terms of viability from an organisational point of view. Before I do so, I think it would help you understand Gamification by debunking some widespread myths that I’ve encountered during my research.

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