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Gamification: How to? Part I: Relatedness

After writing three theoretical blogposts about Gamification I could not wait to have a go at designing a gamification learning solution myself. In prospect of the bi-annual VOV fair, the biggest L&D conference in Belgium, our team wanted to create a blended learning solution based on our very own aXles-model.

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Why start with Gamification?

The answer to “why Gamify?” is easy: to motivate and engage your employees. Following that train of thought: why do we need to motivate learners? How can we motivate learners? Though reflecting on motivation is important, it tends to distract me from the core objective as learning professional: ensuring a learning transfer. As more traditional learning solutions are being criticised for not ensuring desired learning outcomes, professionals are looking for solutions that can. Could gamification be that solution? Can Gamification increase motivation? Why could Gamification ensure a better learning transfer?

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