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Gamification: How to? Part 3: Autonomy

Most of the traditional e-learning modules are linear, not only in the progress from start to finish but also in problem solving. In this game, we really wanted to surpass this by handing players the possibility of solving various problems in different sequences and discover ‘locked’ problems in their quest for the perfect game.

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Gamification: How to? Part I: Relatedness

After writing three theoretical blogposts about Gamification I could not wait to have a go at designing a gamification learning solution myself. In prospect of the bi-annual VOV fair, the biggest L&D conference in Belgium, our team wanted to create a blended learning solution based on our very own aXles-model.

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[NL] Aftellen naar de VOV-Beurs

Op onze beursstand (Beursstand 20) ontvangen wij je graag voor een goed gesprek over opleiding en ontwikkeling. Over een handvol noten delen we ons inzicht over het vormgeven van een totale & geïntegreerde leeromgeving.  Tijdens onze presentatie krijg je een live demonstratie van onze GDPR-case.

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