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Our Christmas present: Part 2 - Creating a Learning Environment that drives GDPR content to the learner

We're not going to lie. Creating exciting learning environments? It's not easy! There is no sure fire way, no one size fits all. So how does a learning architect go about developing an environment that tailors the learner’s needs? Introducing: the aXles methodology! 

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Tips & Tricks on Scenario Based Learning

We have already discussed 'how' to implement storytelling and 'how' adaptive e-Learning could work by using branched scenario's. But let's take a few steps back here and go to the core of Scenario-Based Learning (SBL): 

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The Use of Drag & Drop

I recently saw a tweet that said: “Maturity is knowing when to drag and when to drop”. Though I’m not convinced the person tweeting knew what she was saying, do you know when or how to drag & drop? Drag & Drop exercises are invaluable to keep the learner engaged, but there are some pitfalls to take into account as well.

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Why Do We Keep Creating Horrible Experiences?

Last week, I went to a workshop on User Experience. It was a success, since I learned a thing or two about UX, what it is and how it should feel like. But to me, it was more a success because of what it taught me on procedures. Let’s take a look.

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