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Spaced learning: not just a sci-fi term for learning in space

Not that I am interested in Science Fiction, but something that sounds like "Brain based learning" could make you think otherwise. At least, "Neuroscience for Learning & Development" makes me think of something very futuristic. And that was exactly the subject of a conference I attended this summer: "Summerclass - How to Apply Neuroscience and Psychology for Improved Learning and Training, with Stella Collins"

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The More You Give

Last week VOV - the Flemish L&D network - had its bi-yearly trade fair annex conference in Leuven. One can of course attend such events in a consumer state of mind. But under the motto “Sharing is Caring” we actively participated by delivering a workshop about our learning model aXles.

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Tips & Tricks on Scenario Based Learning

We have already discussed 'how' to implement storytelling and 'how' adaptive e-Learning could work by using branched scenario's. But let's take a few steps back here and go to the core of Scenario-Based Learning (SBL): 

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The Use of Drag & Drop

I recently saw a tweet that said: “Maturity is knowing when to drag and when to drop”. Though I’m not convinced the person tweeting knew what she was saying, do you know when or how to drag & drop? Drag & Drop exercises are invaluable to keep the learner engaged, but there are some pitfalls to take into account as well.

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Our Monthly Reads: August

Our highlights of the month August include articles on soft skills in microlearning, using tech in the classroom and Singularity.

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Why Do We Keep Creating Horrible Experiences?

Last week, I went to a workshop on User Experience. It was a success, since I learned a thing or two about UX, what it is and how it should feel like. But to me, it was more a success because of what it taught me on procedures. Let’s take a look.

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Our Monthly Reads: May

Our highlights of the month May include articles on the ethics of Instructional Design, thoughts from Mark Zuckerberg, interactions and a research project on Learning Technology.

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NLE2017 learnings - AI & VR: here to stay

WITH FREE DOWNLOAD - Artificial Intelligence is here to stay. At least, that's what Donald Clark tried to convince us of last Tuesday in Den Bosch. Even though I agree that all these new technologies will have a large impact on various aspects of life including learning, I'm sure certain people will deem them as fads. So without trying to convince everyone of using technology, and more specifically artificial intelligence and virtual reality in learning; what elements should we definitely take into account?

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What is Gamification?

Gamification is HOT. Even though the numbers date from 2015 they clearly show that both organisations and its learners as well as Learning Professionals are very interested in Gamification for different reasons. The optimistic projections in terms of market growth and expected revenue however warn me that this might be a trend that overdraws day to day reality of organisations. Being a Gamer and Learning Professional myself, Gamification therefore immediately triggered my interest but at the same time the caution to approach this trend critically.

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The Three Things You Can Learn from Comic Conventions

Last weekend, I visited FACTS, Belgium's largest comic convention and one of the only places where geeks can truly be themselves.

One of the things I like most about FACTS is that it's basically one giant learning fair with smiles and funny costumes and people continuously praising each other. There is very little fear, and a lot of personal growth.

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Why Typography Should Always Be One of Your Concerns

"I don't really care about fonts. Just pick one." He said. So naturally, the urge to use Comic Sans or Windings came creeping up.

We were working on a new style guide and my colleague wanted to use the default MS Office font, to which, of course, I disagreed. Arial and Verdana are legible types, but they are also average. Did we want to be average?

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The Unfortunate Reputation of Compliance Training and How to Tweak it

I came across an interesting article last week about compliance training and how to set it up in a more adaptive approach than most organizations are used to. As you might know, Compliance training, unfortunately, has a bad reputation: one more boring procedure that needs to be read and understood and signed off for completion.

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