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reflections of the team

The More You Give

Last week VOV - the Flemish L&D network - had its bi-yearly trade fair annex conference in Leuven.


Sharing is Caring

One can of course attend such events in a consumer state of mind. But under the motto “Sharing is Caring” we actively participated by delivering a workshop about our learning model aXles.

An aXles approach to GDPR

We also challenged ourselves by showcasing a newly designed blended e-learning curriculum based on aXles. The goal of the curriculum is to create awareness about and insight in GDPR, the new privacy regulation by the European Union.

Business Basecamp

Business Basecamp

By creating something of our own, there were no restrictions but the ones we put there ourselves.

Active Learning Experience

By challenging ourselves upfront, we turned a potentially passive learning experience in an active one:

  • we had internal discussions about the refinement of aXles
  • we sought and discovered additional research to make our model even more evidence based
  • we explored new ways to use Storyline - the authoring tool we use -  for complex non-linear scenarios
  • we explored new approaches for implementing games
  • we discovered new tools to create animations
  • and during the workshop and on the fair we had the opportunity to discuss all of this with different parties

In summary, this is just another variation on the old learning adagio:

The best way to learn something is to "teach" it!

Or also, how learning can be working and working can be learning.

And by the way, more information about our methodology, lessons learnt and the GDPR showcase will follow soon on our blog! Keep you posted.