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Monthly Reads: November

Like Socrates said: "The more I learn, the more I realize how little I know", we are constantly motivated to strive for more knowledge in our area of expertise. In our Monthly Reads section, we bundle the best articles, blog posts, infographics and videos we come across every month.

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1. Resources for digital learning experiences – Mels Learning Lab

Mel Milloway: you are probably familiar with her work. If you are not, go follow her on Twitter right now!

Mel describes herself a a Learning Imagineer and if you visit her website, it is easy to see why. Her style is very quirky, and her creativity is evident. You'll find yourself infected with that feeling when reading her materials. She shared a blog on her most used resources for digital learning experiences. 

Some might be well-known, but others are perhaps still a mystery. Enjoy in exploring!

2. Articulate Challenges – Bridge Hills

The saying goes "Steal like an artist", and though we don't recommend nor like blindly copying someone else's work, it is a great tool for learning & inspiration. Heck, that's what this blog is all about as well! 

This website holds a lot of cool examples in Storyline. If you've ever needed some practical examples of scrolling panels, drag & drop exercises and so on, this is a fun place!

3. Coupling Learning Management System with an Authoring Tool – E-learning Industry

This article made a couple of us frown. If you look at the history of the LMS; we come from a time where LMS and authoring tools came in one package. However, due to lack of flexibility and often cost as well, organizations made a movement to de-coupling the LMS and authoring tools. 

It's funny to see the reverse happening now!

4. [NL] Hervormde Privacycommissie krijgt slagkracht – Datanews

In the spirit of our new GDPR module, we're still following the news on the formation of privacy legislation. In Belgium, the finish is in sight. The 25th of May, when all organizations need to be compliant, is approaching rapidly. Awareness is increasing and nothing too late at that!

5. [NL] 19 tools om infographics te maken 

Our colleague Karen experimented with infographics to make a review of the book Social Technologies in Business. She was instantly and completely convinced. Karen used Piktochart to make hers, but this website shows there are infinitely more possibilities! No doubt we will be able to show you some examples in the near future. 

EXTRA: Learning Experience Canvas

We've been thinking about making a similar canvas based on aXles, but really: if there is already so much online, why bother? 

This Learning Experience Canvas provides a cool overview of designing a learning experience. It's a great tool for everyone involved in learning!