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Our Christmas present: Part 3 - Finding your way in GDPR lingo, a learning solution

Our Christmas present to you :-)

Our Christmas present to you :-)

You've been following us now for 3 days in a row, eager to learn more about the GDPR-awareness training based on our aXles methodology.  

In our first blog we introduced our challenge for 2017, the learning objectives and target audience. The second blog jumped in on the learning environment and the aXles methodology as a whole.

In our final blog, let’s have a look two learning solutions that resulted.

  • A website: In-depth learning materials such as articles, podcasts and videos.
  • An interactive e-Learning course: Structured content avoiding information overload, tailored to fit the learner’s needs.

eXpose the learner to GDPR content

A website, filled with documentation, podcasts, video, blogs, infographics, articles, interviews etc., exposing the learner to all necessary content, is one way to train your employees on new regulations or procedures.
This approach taps into the intrinsic motivation of the learner: he/she gets the responsibility to explore the knowledge database. He makes all decisions based on what he likes or thinks he needs to know.  

eXplain GDPR content

Unfortunately, this approach does not work for all of us and some subjects are just too complex to be discovered by the learner on his/her own. Academic research tells us multi-channel content (text, visuals, speech) and interactivity will push retention rates. And that is exactly what we did, when we structured the GDPR-content: eXplaining it and adding eXercises in an engaging way while avoiding information overload. Here, good instructional design is key.

The e-Learning journey

We designed a fictional clothing company called Clothes Inc. to do so.
Patrick, the CEO, welcomes you, new employee/learner, to his company. He starts off with this shocking message: "We’ve been hacked! Thousands of personal information datasets are lost!"
Patrick takes this as a sign. He wants everyone in his corporation, including you, to understand the severity of data breaches. This story is the backbone of the interactive e-Learning course.

The menu of the interactive e-Learning course presented as an elevator.     

The menu of the interactive e-Learning course presented as an elevator. 

We highlighted four departments of Clothes Inc.: HR, IT, legal and Marketing which you can reach by using the elevators. These departments are filled with cases ranging from internal (data of employees) to external (data of customers) point of view. For ex. the marketing department. Here you can find two GDPR principles: asking consent and data minimization.

the HR department in the GDPR interactive e-Learning

the HR department in the GDPR interactive e-Learning

Other departments will focus on new principles or provide new cases highlighting different perspectives.

the badge page - overview and summary

the badge page - overview and summary

By learning about those principles gradually, you can earn badges. When jumping to the badge page, there's a small summary of what every principle entails. Furthermore, by clicking each badge, you will be guided to the website with additional information regarding the topic (eXpose).

Marissa, the GDPR consultant

Marissa, the GDPR consultant

If at any time, you feel unprepared, you can always check in with Marissa, the GDPR consultant hired by CEO Patrick. She can put your knowledge to the test.

Marissa will provide timely feedback

Marissa will provide timely feedback

Marissa is even there to give you timely feedback after every exercise.

Instructional design

By adding some simple features to the content, the acquisition of knowledge is facilitated.

  • a story: the fictional company Clothes Inc.
  • a structure: the departments HR, IT, Legal and Marketing, but also the badge page
  • a subject matter expert: Marissa the GDPR consultant
  • timely feedback during exercises
  • a summary/overview, presented as badges

What you need to remember from this all:

We deemed eXplain and eXpose adequate for our learning objective regarding GDPR.

  • eXplaining, providing multi-channel content and interactivity will enhance transfer.
  • eXposing the learner to as much information as possible, would be insufficient to learn a difficult and extensive subject as GDRP. Do we need to ignore this than as a learning solution? No, not at all! It is a welcome supplement as it will enforce the learner’s intrinsic motivation to learn more about the topic.

Other subjects and objectives might lead us to different learning environments.

But as you can see, aXles leads to integrated and well-considered solutions.

To be continued…

And just when you think you've seen it all,… In January, our colleague, Wout, will launch our full-blown game about GDPR. 

What do you think about the learning solution presented?
Leave a comment or tweet about it #GDPRaXles @Learning4Growth.

Happy new year from the entire Arboth team!
Ingrid, Karen, Marc, Tiffany and Wout