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Arboth present at Learning Tech Day

The 21st of June, we will be attending Learning Tech Day both as speakers and visitors. Flash Forward!

>> Visit our interactive workshop "Finding a solution in the labyrinth of learning"

Like Ariadne's Ball Of Thread, we want to guide you in the labyrinth of learning solutions. That is our passion, our mantra, our core business.

We will showcase our fresh new aXles tool. Currently still in development, we'll share a glimpse of what you can expect.

The aXles tool will be like a gamified "Ball of Thread". It guides you through the four quadrants of a learning ecosystem and into one of many potential learning solutions.


We've applied elements of games we love ourselves, like the strategic operating in Risk and the group arguments of The Resistance.

You will learn to clearly define learning objectives, look at a problem through different angles, and ground yourself in the aXles model.

What remains is a team-based solution for your learning problem.



>> We're looking forward to …

  • JD Dillon: we've been following him on Twitter for a while and though we don't always agree with him, we admire his passion and well-considered arguments. In this workshop, he'll talk about microlearning. With a history of performance support, this definitely pokes our interest!

  • Mel Milloway: her quirky and creative online style has charmed us all and we're eager to see if Mel's the same IRL. She'll talk about UX and resources for designing, so hoping to pick up a few things here! 

  • Mirjam Neelen: her workshop introduction talks about using evidence-based learning strategies. As we try to do this ourselves everyday by using aXles, it will be very interesting to see if her insights contribute to our view.

Mel Milloway's website

Mel Milloway's website

This is of course a non-exhaustive list as the programme is overflowing with interesting workshops and keynotes.


If you still need tickets, why not order some at Early Bird rate instead of full price? (€50 deduction). 

When you order your tickets, clearly state the code ARBOTH in the promo code field ("Kortingscode", nvdr.) and the €50 deduction will be included on your bill. 

See you there!