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Monthly Reads: April

Like Socrates said: "The more I learn, the more I realize how little I know", we are constantly motivated to strive for more knowledge in our area of expertise. In our Monthly Reads section, we bundle the best articles, blog posts, infographics and videos we come across every month.

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1   Will self-directed training shape the future workforce? - The HR Director

With part timers and remote working; it's not always easy to share knowledge with colleagues or ask questions. How can Learning & Development prepare for this shift, other than applying new technologies? talks about how we make learning accessible in this environment, and empower the employee to learn in a self-directed way. 

Jordan Ladikos

Jordan Ladikos


2   AI: an opportunity or threat for HR - HR Trend Institute

Tom Haak of HR Trend Institute recorded a video of his presentation in Leipzig on HR Innovation Day. He talks about how Artificial Intelligence is a threat and opportunity for HR.

He discusses quite the range in HR, engagement and automation. 75 minutes, but worth it!


3   Why Scrum might be perfect for L&D - eLearning Industry

In this article and podcast; we dive into the agile method "Scrum" and what we can learn from it to apply in L&D. According to eLearning Industry, the biggest advantage is how to get executive buy-in.

Though it's not an easy method, some elements of project management and keeping focus will definitely come in handy.

Kelly Sikkema

Kelly Sikkema


4   6 ways to integrate play into the workplace -

Our colleague Tiffany is currently building a curriculum around the topic "Work Play Learn" and how these previously separated areas of life are converging into eachother.

Though we've seen elements of gamification in learning; have we seen it in working?
And if so, how hard is it to convince people of its merit?

As the article states, Play has a PR problem, even though it has tremendous wellbeing & motivation merits when applied correctly in the workplace.

P.S. For the Dutch speakers, if you're interested in the curriculum, give us a shout!

Seth Doyle

Seth Doyle


5   [NL] How humour makes people work harder - HR.Square 

This article discusses how people usually favour a funny colleague over the more serious ones. Humour can really help in work-life balance and improves performance.

It can however also be a pitfall when used inappropriately.