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Monthly Reads: March

Like Socrates said: "The more I learn, the more I realize how little I know", we are constantly motivated to strive for more knowledge in our area of expertise. In our Monthly Reads section, we bundle the best articles, blog posts, infographics and videos we come across every month.

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Jon Ingham

Jon Ingham

This month two of our colleagues attended a master class of Jon Ingham about the social organisation.

Marc Alen attented the master class as he is very much interested in the learning organisation. Karen on the other hand, just finished Isabel Declercq's book about Social Technologies and wanted to investigate what part they have in this social organisation. 

You can read more about it in this interview.

2. How to design software training - Cathy Moore

We are often confronted with questions from our customers who want to train their employees for new software.

Cathy Moore states: "If the software is clumsy and its help system is unhelpful, that doesn't mean that you have to develop training. It means the software should be made easier to use." So Cathy hands over some useful alternatives to software training, including job aids.

3. Learning management systems sold like bad gym memberships - Feathercap

Arboth helps organizations to find to right Learning Management System. But so many LMS's are a mismatch between on the one hand their functionalities and pricing, and on the other the organization's needs.

Feathercap compares learning systems with bad gym memberships. Thankfully, unlike gyms, new learning systems do take into account changes in learning audience engagement and cloud technology. The impact on pricing and operating can be an interesting thing for you to investigate.



4. My new favorite interview question - Tim Sackett

The latest scandal on data breaches at Facebook has many people in a frenzy. People on Twitter have called to #DeleteFacebook; because of course we know with 100% certainty that Twitter does not do the same practices as Facebook.

This recruiter came up with an interview question that highlights the naiveté of some people. There are two answers that he would accept, though others he would blatantly refuse. Interesting read!

5. #LSCon - Twitter

With the 2018 Learning Solutions Conference & Expo in Orlando, it's great to use Twitter as a means of following all the keynote speakers and insights of attendees, from the safety of your office!


It seems there were some great inspirations to be gathered, with sessions on composing and even what L&D can learn from photography. For all tweets, I recommend you a search on this hashtag!