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Gamification: How to? Part 2: Competence

Striving for Competence: learning goals VS challenging Game Objectives

Literature, consulted for earlier blogposts made it clear that you should always start from your learning goals, even when it might jeopardize your original idea. During a team meeting we phrased the following learning goals.

  1. General learning goal:  Creating awareness: learners need to realize that almost every white collar professional works with privacy sensitive information on a daily basis.
  2. Learning goal for the gamified learning solution: Learners need to get a grasp on what personal data is before starting the eXplain module. This includes:
  • Offline and online data (you would be surprised how many people automatically link ‘data’ with only its online presence).
  • Direct and indirect identification of data subjects.

These learning goals are not made explicit to the players of the game, they only see the following objectives: collect as many coins as possible and do not get caught in the process.


Searching for valuable documents implies that the player needs to know when a document is privacy sensitive and when not. We decided not include a tutorial. However, the player can acquire this knowledge in several ways: requesting feedback after a collect or download, trial and error or exploration.

Besides that, players also need to have a basic idea where documents can be found and on which carrier they can occur. This is where easy to perceive instructions and resources come to play. But as we will see in the next part of this ‘Gamification: how to?’ this is largely up to player.

The game becomes challenging by making it a race against the clock in the form of a patrolling security guard and inserting the ‘Perfect Game’ feature. From my own experience, I know that there are gamers who want to go all the way in achieving the perfect game.

Stay tuned for the last part in the 'Gamification: How to?' series where we will have a closer look in how we tried to avoid a more traditional and linear gameplay.