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reflections of the team

Arboth counting down to Learning Tech Day!

The 20th of June, Arboth will be present on Learning Tech Day, the yearly event where learning & development meets technology. 

With Jamie Good, Stephen Downes and Nell Watson, the conference will surely inspire us for days to come. 

We're sharing our expertise as well and are excited to meet you in Ghent next week.  Come and join us for our workshop! 

Surfing from hype to hype or applying a holistic approach? 

Have you noticed how often organisations push "new flavours" in learning? Can you still find your way in this labyrinth of learning solutions? 

Storytelling for instance: even though the approach has been around for years, it suddenly became hyped a few years ago as something "new and sexy". Gamification quickly took over its throne of trends. Now, we can't visit a business-related website without Micro-learning, Social learning and video beating around the bush. Should we surf on all these trends? Or should we look at the inherent value of these concepts, taking into account they have been around for years but are recycled and branded differently with every new 'Evangelist' or 'Guru'?

We want to show you the path through this labyrinth of learning solutions and help you choose those elements relevant for your context & challenges.

You can still register for Learning Tech Day here. 

See you there!

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