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The Most Overlooked Requirements when Choosing an LMS

Choosing an learning management system for your company can be quite the ordeal. Having +300 possibilities to choose from might seem like an advantage at first. That impression quickly turns when you realise there are even more requirements to base your choice on.

  • LMS Requirements Definition

Typing in "LMS Requirements Template" in Google can be a real kickstarter for your research. Use it as a source for inspiration, but don't copy paste. Check the requirements, and be critical: do you really need this? Will it significantly increase efficiency?

  • Prioritize & strike through

  1. When you have compiled a list of about 3 pages, strike through everything that is not crucial to your daily procedures. Be bold.

  2. Sometimes it helps to think in terms of "Must haves" and "Nice to haves".

  3. Depending on what remains, it might be useful to ask yourself: do I really need an LMS or will a Training Administration System do fine?

  • The most overlooked requirements

  1. Your list is now compiled of everything your system must DO; but have you also considered what comes with it? Does the provider offer 24/7 Support? In many different languages?

  2. Do they roll out in your country?

  3. The reporting solution: Is it possible to pull ALL relevant data from the system, by yourself? Be critical: a sexy template does NOT suffice.

  4. Integration possibilities: an LMS will probably have to communicate with other systems and software already in place. It is advisable to gather IT around the table. Does it integrate with what you already have?