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Our Monthly Reads: July

Like Socrates said: "The more I learn, the more I realize how little I know", we are constantly motivated to strive for more knowledge in our area of expertise. In our Monthly Read section, we bundle the best articles, blogposts, infographics and videos we come across every month.

1.      A Bridge between Learning and Work – Steve Wheeler

At Arboth, it runs in our veins: the ambition to create learning ecosystems for all. Not only in the workplace, but in schools too. Bridging the gap between education and the workplace.

Take a look at LikeToBe, an initiative Steve Wheeler discusses in his blog. LikeToBe is a platform that creates a connection between professionals, teachers, and students. This way they can reach out to each other, creating a learning experience for everyone involved. The student can adjust expectations or ambitions, and even monitor progress via a self-registered trajectory.

2.      Mobile Learning: Inspirational examples – Cevora (NL)

Though the article is in Dutch, you’ll be sure to find some cool examples on Mobile Learning, currently available on the market.

It discusses four applications all aimed at enhancing microlearning: Tinycards, Snappico, Quink and Knowledge Guru.

3. Personalized Learning: A Transformative Idea without a Transformative Technology

According to Neerav Kingsland at; personalized learning (PL) is a concept that hasn't lived up to its full potential just yet. Though many experiments have returned with less than amiable results, the author feels it still lacks something to be fully successful. That something is, you guessed it, technology.

The use of Big Data, AI as tutors, Flipped Learning, ... all of these things should make a PL school very different from more traditional education. Yet, the few experiments to date use a half-baked form of PL. 

If we want to judge PL to its true capacity, we should at least wait until the world is ready to fully incorporate.



4. Cognitive Bias Codex

This might be old news if you've read Kahneman’s book "Thinking Fast and Slow". And yet, it might come in handy for all! This handy chart compiles all cognitive biases. Print it out, hang it in your brainstorm room and never make any thinking mistakes again!

5. The Case for the New Role of a Modern Learning Advisor – Jane Hart

L&D Guru Jane Hart discusses in a new blog post the ways individuals learn: at, through and for work. She advises a new role for the L&D professional: to enable and support self-managed learning. The L&D Professional becomes a Modern Learning Advisor. A must-read!

One Last Thing...

Lastly; we wanted to share with an exceptionally inspirational TED-talk by OK GO. They dislose the process behind their creative music videas. The TED talk is titled “How to Find a Wonderful Idea”, which I’m sure will trigger you 😊.


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