LMS overview

Choosing the right LMS

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Choosing the right LMS for your company can be quite the hassle. Listing a User Requirements backlog, identifying timing, scope and budget, finding and interviewing vendors... As an independent partner, we serve as Ariadne's Ball of Thread in the labyrinth of LMS's. 

To highlight our position as an independent partner; we've compiled a list of Learning Management Systems. This can be a nice starting point for your search in want of the perfect LMS for your needs.  



aNewSpring is a Dutch company, founded by Martèn de Prez (who also created MemoTrainer) and René Persoon. These two founders immediately clicked on automated micro-learning and decided to do something more with it. 

aNewSpring was born in 2003 and with 400+ customers, are now looking to expand their reach and cross borders. 

The platform describes itself as a learning platform where journeys are created. It includes an online authoring tool that allows you to build training items from pictures, video, text, Slideshare, HTML, Flash, YouTube and Vimeo. It's SCORM certified. 

The MemoTrainer functionality includes automated microlearning features. The learning journeys adapt to learners' input.

A relatively new feature in aNewSpring is the integration of blended learning: "Events" that are offline of physical training workshops. 

aNewSpring has broad support services, ranging from manuals and a support community on their website, to SLA and real-life support service. It's a SaaS with cost per active user. 

If aNewSpring would need to describe itself in 280 characters: 

aNewSpring focusses on really inspiring the learner and getting the most out of learning moments.

For more information, visit their homepage here.