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What we do: some cases

In the past, Arboth has created literally hundreds of e-learning courses.
Find some examples below of recent learning projects we did.
You will notice that in each case, the content presented is very company specific.

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Packaging design process in pharmaceutical company

The challenge:

Explaining a complicated global packaging design process and underlying system to a global audience.

The solution:

Design and develop a series of interactive, scenario based e-learning modules that take the user step by step through an iterative learning process. Scenarios are targeted at specific user groups. Main approaches: storytelling and visualization.

Safety training for contractors in a chemical company

The challenge:

Transferring safety rules and adequate safety behavior to external contractors working in multiple sites of a chemical company.

The solution:

Design and develop curriculum consisting of an general safety introduction followed by site specific regulation and instruction. Understanding is tested by certifying on-line assessments. Given the audience the curriculum is created in 6 languages. Main approaches: structured information, information on a need-to-know basis and visualization.

Anti-money laundering course in a bank

The challenge:

Making bank employees aware of the importance of money laundering prevention and making sure they understand their role in this..

The solution:

Design and develop a series of interactive, scenario based and gamified e-learning modules. Each module conveys the same central message but is targeted at a specific audience (retail banking, insurance, corporate banking...). Main approaches: storytelling, visualization, gamification.

Prevention of legionella in a chemical company

The challenge:

Make sure the employees in a chemical company understand the importance of legionella prevention and understand how to proceed to attain this.

The solution:

Design and develop an e-learning course that was constructed as the events following a imaginary legionella incident: description of the accident, a press conference where the accident is discussed and journalists ask questions, images from the hospital where the victims are treated, etc. The course also describes the actions taken by the company to prevent this. Main approach: storytelling, visualization.


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